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Align Your Projects

The Hippo Hub is our original project management operations software that took us initially into the world of teamwork. Request a Demo

When does The Hippo Hub make sense?


is scattered, resulting in costly man
hours to collate into something meaningful.
Reports are late, inaccurate, or unusable to support cost saving and efficiency efforts.
Information "falls through the cracks" resulting in fire drills and unmet customer expectations.
There is no visibility into resource loading resulting in unrealistic schedules and overloaded resources.
People are not adopting your data collection tools or processes.

What Is The Hippo Hub?

A software platform to collect, automate, and deliver data you can trust.


an online database platform to collect any and all important data in one place.


a workflow automation tool to automate data collection and process flows.


a reporting tool to get the right data to the right people at the right time.

Why The Hippo Hub?

We’ve worked with hundreds of leaders over the last 15+ years who need better data.  It’s more than just a tool.  Tools don’t work by themselves.  It’s a tool integrated with a process to engage your people and an algorithm to make recommendations.  It’s a complete solution that actually works to support your cost and efficiency saving efforts.

What Our Clients Say

We’ve worked with clients like you for 15+ years to provide meaningful data to support their cost saving and efficiency improvement efforts.

We have a firm grasp of where we are with every project. Bottlenecks are much less of a problem now, and we’ve been able to find a couple of areas with major process inefficiencies. Paul Neighbors

Lundeen Interiors

This system allows us to collaborate efficiently without regard to time zones, and keeps everyone focused on the projects that have been identified by management. Project management is viewed by our associates, customers, and external auditors as one of the strongest aspects of the company. Tim Frost

Burner Systems International

All managers have the same information across the board at the same time. We revamped our methods as we discovered bottlenecks and pitfalls in our processes. These improvements have allowed us to quicken our time to market and become more competitive. Gerry Chicoine

murata Power Solutions

HippoHub is very flexible. I can do training in 15-20 minutes and [our staff] can immediately start using it. Everything in the system is being watched. This makes it very easy to identify problems, report on exceptions, and react quickly, thus improving on-time delivery. Kim Tomlinson

Nuclear Logistics

HippoHub is very flexible and can be customized for any kind of project and methodology. Fabrizio Baldas

One Italia

We have experienced much better communication and information about upcoming project deadlines and our capacity to accomplish them. Krista Gettle


Align Your Data.



The Hippo Hub leverages multiple methods to collect and process relevant data into its completely customizable online database.  Leverage customizable forms, tables, online tools, import functions, and pulling from external systems.

Customizable Online Database

Store all information in one place, such as project meta-data, tasks, documents, costs, assignments, issues, parts, and much more.

Import / Export Integrations

In addition to online forms, import data from tools such as spreadsheets and / or pull relevant data from other systems.

"One Stop Shop" Screens and Forms

Quickly collect multiple information sets from team members in one screen, such as status, time, costs, notes, and approvals.


Most groups waste time and energy on ineffective tools that require too much time to manage.  This causes frustration, inefficiency, and poor data quality.  The Hippo Hub’s innovative automation features save time and reduce error, while culling together meaningful data.

Project Builder

Launch new jobs and initiatives with automated business rules and easy checklist tools.  Let The Hippo Hub do the heavy lifting of managing the flow of work.

Workflow Engine

Build in your unique process with the built-in workflow engine.  Manage approvals, status, notifications, and process flows while removing unnecessary and error-prone manual steps.

Project Management Tools

The Hippo Hub provides tools to automate and manage your work, including process templates, Gantt charts, scheduling functions, and resource assignments.


The Hippo Hub delivers data through an advanced reporting engine so that you can “see” things like workflows, metrics, status, problems, predicted outcomes, and recommendations.

Customizable Metrics and Reports

Create unlimited metrics and reports to run your business the way you want, and to measure efficiency.  Generate traditional table-based reports, matrix-style statistical reports, charts, and even custom formatted Word and Excel reports…all customizable.

Statistics and Recommendations

Calculate real-time resource loading data, see recommendations from our algorithm, calculate metrics based on customized formulas and data sets.  In other words, put together data the way you need it…automatically.

Multiple Channels

Deliver your data to the right people at the right time through dashboards, linked reports, automatically emailed reports, pushes to external systems, custom document formats, etc.

Our Rapid Impact Process™

Tools fail to live up to expectations because of a lack of engagement with the people that need to use it, resulting in poor adoption and too much or too little complexity.

The Hippo Hub is more than just a tool. It’s a process refined over 15 years that engages your people to find the perfect balance between business needs and making their life easier.

Our Rapid Impact Process gets results in as little as 30 days.

Discover what data is relevant, where it is located, and what people need to collect it efficiently.


Configure the platform to collect, automate, and deliver data in the most efficient method possible.


Implement the platform through a series of small phases to hone the process until its right.


Empower your people to sustain the process long-term and adjust as your data needs change.

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The folks at Hippo are diligent about responding to our requests, asking probing questions to clarify, and providing options and solutions.

– Laura Herbst, Fiserv