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Build a #HippoStrong Team

Virtual and Hybrid Teamwork Programs, Keynotes, and Consulting


We are currently partnering with leaders to empower their teams to come back stronger then ever.

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What is a #HippoStrong Team? 

A team that is #HippoStrong is evidenced by a specific set of outcomes that empower both the team and the organization to come back stronger than ever.

Minimal Departmental Politics and Infighting

Everyone operates as one team with one clear mission.

High Productivity and Efficiency

Teams get more done in less time with far fewer distractions.

High Morale and Engagement

A feeling of belonging, purpose, and connection no one wants to leave.

Minimal Resistance to Change

Strong teams are more readily able to bend and pivot to new directions.

Virtual Interactive Programs

Build Motivation, Connection, and Focus for Your Teams to Come Back Stronger

Like most leaders, you probably recognize that distancing has caused people to feel disconnected, uprooted, and uneasy.  You also feel the tension of needing to move operations back to “normal.” We are currently working with leaders to deliver fast, practical programs that motivate, deepen connection, and give focus for each of your teams to come back stronger than ever.

Mark Kenny, Teamwork Keynote Speaker, Strategic Teambuilder

Strategic Team Programs

Many leaders want to build stronger teams but get stuck because they don’t have the road map, the time, or the energy. Our Strategic Team Programs provide practical solutions to build your teams #HippoStrong quickly.  We get your team right into the hard work of developing the behaviors that build cohesion, commitment, accountability, and results.

Teambuilding Series

An easy to digest program of weekly 30 minute activities that target specific #HippoStrong team behaviors.

Team Bootcamps

A more intensive team experience to transform your team and quickly develop #HippoStrong team behaviors.

“The experience opened up the opportunity for a new dialogue at the hospital around how we need to lead differently.”

— Scott Buchanan, Williamson Medical Center

Keynotes & Workshops: Empower Leaders to Build Strong Teams

Mark brings a fun, interactive style to engage your audience in either a virtual, in-person, or hybrid setting with practical methods and tools to build a strong team with minimal politics, high morale, minimal confusion, high productivity, low turnover, and a strong sense of purpose and belonging.

Our Services

How we empower leaders to build teams #HippoStrong.

Strategic Team Programs

Team experiences for your team to become #HippoStrong.

Keynotes and Workshops

Live, interactive keynotes to empower leaders to build strong teams – virtual and hybrid models.


Solve your organizational teamwork problems quickly with our strategic teamwork expertise.

Accredited in the Five Behaviors Program
(Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team).

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