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“In his timely, masterfully written book, The Hippo Solution, Mark Kenny explains how those territorial and stubborn Hippos got in the way. Kenny details the formula to build a highly functioning team and organization. This book is now a vital addition to my consultant’s tool kit.”

Sara L. Potecha, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, and Consultant

“I was thrilled with the results. Mark opened up a new dialogue at the hospital for how we need to lead differently.”

-Scott Buchanan, Williamson Medical Center

Are you struggling with:


How to get your leadership team fully engaged.


Inadequate communication and cooperation between departments.


Communicating effectively with your team and organization.


An executive with "one foot out the door."


Hitting the same ceiling over and over.


Lacking clear direction for your company to rally around.


Difficulty reinventing workflows or implementing change.


Creating a healthy culture with high morale, retention, loyalty, and passion.


Getting sucked into the daily whirlwind.

Build a Leadership Team that Leads with Cohesiveness, Clarity, and Alignment

Gain Clarity

By asking the right questions, we’ll help you gain clarity into what doesn’t seem right and move to seeing the right solution.

Take Action

We’ll both lay out a plan and help you take immediate action to create the cohesiveness, clarity and alignment that drives results.

Lead Better Together

You will reap the benefits of leading as a team with the confidence, clarity, and alignment your organization needs.

“Mark’s approach provided an unparalleled experience for my team to break down barriers.”

-Nathan Estes, HealthTrust Purchasing Group

Your Leadership Team Alignment Plan

The building blocks to develop the cohesiveness, clarity, and alignment that produce results. We can help.

Build Vulnerability-Based Trust

Everything else is built on trust. Your leadership team must create and further build vulnerability-based trust because everything depends on it. We’re talking real, practical trust not vague team-building.

Create Strategic Alignment

Your leadership team must do the boring, ongoing, critical work to cultivate the practical rhythms and practices that strategically align every department and team in the organization.

Create Behavioral Alignment

Your leadership team builds cohesiveness by first aligning itself around substantive team behaviors that generate results. We’ll help you build the five key behaviors into the very fabric your team.

Maintain Focus

Alignment efforts don’t work unless your leadership team creates the discipline and practices to maintain its focus, continuously monitor alignment, and ensure collective results. We hold your team accountable to maintain the focus needed to generate results.

Create Intellectual Alignment

Your leadership team must align itself around the answers to six critical questions and ensure there is no daylight between any two team members. Every team member must have the same answers.

Eliminate Constraints

Every organization has natural constraints that pull back on alignment. Your leadership must, over time, eliminate these constraints.