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What are you doing to minimize politics and confusion, increase morale and productivity, and reduce unwanted turnover?

Many executives are really good at the business aspects but struggle creating a healthy organization that produces faster results with greater cohesion and less turnover.

When you don’t get this right:


Everyone in the organization suffers – they are waiting for the leadership team to make tough decisions so that they don't have to fight it out themselves.


You have a great plan but can’t seem to execute it fast enough, especially when collaboration across functions is required.


You communicate strategy but no one seems to be listening.


Morale degrades, resulting in unwanted turnover, especially with your best leaders.


You lose the joy and fulfillment you once had as a leader.


Your executive team feels stuck, lost, or bored.

We work with executives who want faster results from their team without the politics, confusion, and nonsense.

We do this through five essential disciplines to infuse health into your team and organization. These disciplines are essential to move your team faster, with more consistency and higher quality decisions, without the back channeling and talking that sometimes occurs.

Create a more cohesive, engaged leadership team
Develop clarity and 100% alignment on the team
Over-communicate clarity to the organization
Implement the right meeting cadence and rhythms
Infuse organizational health into all of your teams

“Mark’s approach provided an unparalleled experience for my team to break down barriers.”

-Nathan Estes, HealthTrust Purchasing Group

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