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Building Cohesiveness and Alignment is Hard

Teams have become diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic. Your success as a leader depends more than ever on your ability to adapt to this reality and get your team, your department, and your organization to function as one cohesive team.

However, building cohesiveness and alignment is hard. Perhaps that’s why it’s frustratingly rare. Teams and departments naturally work at their own agendas and cross-purposes resulting in politics, confusion, and dysfunction.

Mark Kenny, Strategic Teamwork Consultant, Author, Speaker

Learn How to Unleash Your Teams

THE HIPPO SOLUTION is the roadmap for leaders to transform their organization from hippo-esque territorial thinking to a culture of teamwork that breeds speed, adaptability, and peak performance. Through a simple formula, with five variables and five transformative actions, THE HIPPO SOLUTION shows leaders how to:

  • Eliminate territorial thinking between departments, divisions, and teams and function as one cohesive team.
  • Create an unstoppable alignment of teams across the organization around the same collective purpose.
  • Expend constrained time and energy on what really moves the needle.

What People Are Saying

“The tips shared in this book have wonderful gems for both your business and work life, and for your personal life as well. It is a must read.”

Captain William “T” Thompson, Esq., CSP
CEO, Strategist, Professional Speaker

“The Hippo Solution is exactly what I’ve been looking for and a must read for all leaders. If you want to take your results to a whole new level by using an easy to understand and powerful formula for reaching any destination, Mark has the answer.”

Dr. Jason Brooks
Leadership Consultant, Author, Speaker

“Some books you read, and others you live. This one you’ll read and then watch it happen again and again! Mark doesn’t just peel back the curtain and show the challenges of team building to which all leaders can relate. He reveals the transformational formula that will bring results you can see!”

Gary Carter
School Administrator

“The workforce continues to evolve and Mark’s perspective and framework offers leaders valuable insights and, more importantly, real-world applications for how to succeed in the new work world.”

Cara Silletto, MBA, CSP
President & Chief Retention Officer at Magnet Culture

“Breakthrough teamwork isn’t easy, but Mark’s book makes it possible. The Hippo Solution provides actionable steps on how to address the hippos and create a culture of teamwork that improves both culture and results.”

Justin Patton
Executive Leadership Coach & Award-Winning Author

“Mark Kenny is a master storyteller, and he delivers with his terrific new book, The Hippo Solution. For organizations and leaders who want to figure out how to work as a team to improve productivity and morale, this book is a must-read. Mark gives the reader practical advice and makes it memorable through his excellent stories. Highly recommended.”

Cathy Fyock
The Business Book Strategist

“Mark Kenny delivers a compelling, practical approach for leaders to develop the synergy and collaboration that is needed to deal with today’s pace of change. It’s a must-read book for everyone serious about taking their teams further, faster.”

Bryan Luci
Senior Vice President of nationally recognized insurance company

“I work with organizations and leaders at all levels across the globe and any time I get an inkling of territorial thinking or misalignment in general, The Hippo Solution is the first book I recommend they read!”

Stacy Henry
Professional Certified Coach and Author

About Mark

Strategic Teamwork Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Basketball Enthusiast, Aviation Nut, Lifelong Green Bay Packers Fan

Mark Kenny works with leaders who want to make their leadership team stronger and more cohesive while improving strategic alignment and communications throughout the organization. He is a strategic teamwork consultant, speaker, and author of the upcoming book The Hippo Solution: Eliminate Territorial Thinking and Unleash the Power of Teams. 

For over 30 years, Mark has worked to improve the results of teams in several hundred organizations, originally in IT and operations, and later in keynote speaking, strategic consulting, and training. As the founder and president of a successful software company, Mark gained extensive experience working with companies such as Mars, Deloitte, Xerox, Siemens, the State of Tennessee, and the US Army. He understands teamwork issues from both the leader and front-line perspective as well as the nuances of working with a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, government, retail, education, engineering, and financial services.

Mark’s passion for teamwork extends beyond the workplace where he has been a soccer and basketball coach for over 20 years. In addition, Mark is an aviation enthusiast who once obtained his pilot’s license, an avid basketball player, and a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan. Mark lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, daughter, and three grown sons.


About the Keynote

Using engaging stories, powerful metaphors, and purposeful interaction, Mark Kenny helps leaders re-think how to lead their teams. He provides the formula to build a network of teams that operate as on cohesive unit.

Delivered live, in-person or virtually. 



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