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Teamwork Keynote Speaker: Mark Kenny

Mark's keynote is an experience like no other to build a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and information sharing across every leader, function, and business unit. Request Speaking Info

“I was amazed and highly impressed with the depth and personal application. Directing the actors was fantastic.  I had never experienced this!”

– State of Tennessee

hip ·

a big, ugly, territorial, often invisible barrier that creates division and kills teamwork

the hip · pō show

Mark’s keynote experience to break down barriers and build an organization without hippos

If you are like many of today’s senior executives, you are being asked to fulfill a value proposition of delivering better service in less time and at lower cost.  Mark’s unique keynote presentations break down the barriers between leaders, functions, and business units that prevent executives from fulfilling this expectation.  Because there is only one way to achieve it: together.

McKinsey reports that only 25% of senior executives believe their organization shares information well.  The Hippo Show is designed to solve that problem in your organization.

About Mark’s Format: The Hippo Show

Mark’s unique format isn’t just for fun – though it is fun because that activates learning. It’s to ensure that your audience is fully engaged, understand why this matters, discovers what they need to do differently, and experiences how to actually do it.  We call it The Hippo Show to represent how to build an organization without barriers.  The Hippo Show integrates two components:

Practical, Relevant Content

Mark delivers practical, relevant insights, stories, and techniques that leaders can use to build a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and information sharing across every leader, function, and business unit.  Every participant will walk away with specific tools to implement.

Live Case Study

Mark integrates a live case study of a team or organization directly into his keynotes.  Live actors portray good and poor examples of behaviors and interact with the audience.  This gives the audience an opportunity to experience and apply the content while having fun in “real-life” context.

“I loved that he involved the actors!”

“Interesting, unique, and effective”

“So energetic, so impactful!”

“Eye opening, meaningful, thought-provoking”

“Directing the actors was fantastic”


About Mark

Teamwork Keynote Speaker, Teamwork Innovator, Basketball Enthusiast, Lifelong Green Bay Packers Fan

Teamwork keynote speaker and innovator Mark Kenny works with executives to build a culture of teamwork that improves coordination, communication, and information sharing across every leader, function, and business unit.  Leaders leveraging his approach fulfill their value proposition of delivering better service in less time at lower cost by creating one team.

Mark began his career in IT, after which he started his own software company.  During this time, Mark personally worked with over 100 companies including Xerox, Kia Motors, Siemens, Fiserv, Ohio State University, and the US Army.

Mark now conducts programs on teamwork and leadership, leveraging his multi-industry experience as a team leader, team member, company leader, and consultant.  He understands the issues surrounding teamwork from both the leadership and front-line perspectives.

Mark has already conducted well over 100 teamwork and leadership programs for several thousand leaders.  He is certified in Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors program and is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.  He currently serves as the president of ATD Nashville, loves to play basketball, and is a life-long Green Bay Packers fan.


Choose Your Keynote Topic


The Discipline of Becoming a Cohesive Leadership Team

Teamwork is the new competitive advantage.  Your success lives and dies with your ability to create a highly cohesive, highly aligned leadership team.  This is ground zero for empowering everyone else in your organization to successfully work within and between their different functions and business units.

As a keynote speaker and teamwork expert, Mark demonstrates why working as a cohesive leadership team is an absolute requirement for delivering better service in less time at lower cost, and how to instill the discipline to become a cohesive team.  In Mark’s unique presentation format, he shares lessons from his years of working with over 100 companies and integrates them with the five key behaviors in Patrick Lencioni’s groundbreaking book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


In this impactful session, audience members will be able to:

  • Identify what needs to change on their team.
  • Build vulnerability-based trust in their team.
  • Instill passionate debate to find the best solution and ideas.
  • Obtain commitment from team members, even when they did not initially agree with the outcome.
  • Create an environment of mutual accountability.
  • Focus on the results that matter the most, instead of spending time and energy on “distractions.”
  • Leave with a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

“Mark provided an unparalleled experience for my team to break down barriers.”

Nathan Estes, HealthTrust Purchasing Group



How to Get Every Function and Business Unit to Work Together 

Leadership vs. front-line workers; revenue-generating vs. “worker-bees”; division vs. division; field vs. central; degree vs. non-degree.  There are so many barriers to an efficient, cohesive, competitive organization.  These barriers paralyze progress and reduce performance.  In this unforgettable experience, Mark expertly uncovers WHY these barriers are artificial and shares practical methods for HOW leaders can remove them.  This experience will give your leaders the tools to unify and rally together to create a long-lasting teamwork movement within your organization.


In this practical session, audience members will be able to:

  • Identify what is keeping people and groups disconnected in their organization.
  • Understand the four keys for business units to work together.
  • Learn specific, practical techniques to unify people and groups.
  • Walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.

“We brought in Mark and The Hippo show for an offsite meeting of all the hospital’s directors and leaders.  I was thrilled with the results.  Everyone walked away with specific actions to take, as indicated in the many positive comments.  I highly recommend bringing in Mark and his team if you want to have an interactive experience with impact.”

Scott Buchanan, Williamson Medical Center



How IT Can Build a Cohesive Team with the Rest of the Organization

It’s no secret that IT and the rest of the business must be closely aligned together as a single team.  In fact, the very characterization of IT “and the rest of the business” can no longer apply.  IT cannot wait for the business to respect it.  IT must take the initiative to bridge the gap, earn respect, and implement the right behaviors.  In this unique keynote experience, Mark expertly provides a new perspective for why IT is not respected, and HOW it can proactively bridge the gap.  This experience will give your leaders the methods and tools to unify with the rest of the organization.

As a keynote speaker and teamwork expert, and as an IT professional who still conducts IT work, Mark demonstrates why old approaches and the status quo are insufficient and how to instead implement performance and relationship-driven behaviors that are practical and relevant.  In this engaging, unforgettable presentation, Mark demonstrates lessons from his years of working in IT integrated with lessons from his teamwork practice. 


In this practical and inspiring session, audience members will be able to:

  • Understand what keeps IT and the rest of the organization apart.
  • Implement new behaviors to bridge the gap.
  • Lead the way to create a renewed spirit of engagement with their business counterparts.
  • Walk away with a renewed sense of unity and engagement.

“Our Hippo experience exceeded our expectations. It challenged us…and we learned something about ourselves.”

Rhonda Marse, Mars Petcare



How to Make an Impact as a Teammate in All of Your Teams.

It’s one thing to be good at your job.  It’s another thing to work well in a team.  Today’s workplace requires you to be really good at working in all types of teams: traditional, cross-functional, cross-organizational, tiger teams, and any of the myriad of teams in which you find yourself.  In this provocative session, Mark provides the keys to make an impact as a teammate in all of the teams in which you participate and challenges participants to take teamwork to the next level.


In this practical session, audience members will be able to:

  • Understand the behaviors that will make them a better teammate.
  • Get what they need from people that don’t report to them.
  • Gain commitment from team members even when they’re not in the same group.
  • Walk away with a renewed purpose and vision to impact others.

“This experience opened up more honest conversations.”

Tennessee Healthcare Association

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