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Virtual, In Person, and Hybrid Teamwork Keynote Speaker: Mark Kenny

Leveraging his fun, interactive style, Mark's presentations motivate and empower teams to be stronger than ever before. Request Speaking Info

“I was amazed and highly impressed with the depth and personal application. I had never experienced this!”

– State of Tennessee

Mark is currently partnering with leaders to deliver virtual programs that motivate and empower teams as they come back together to resume “normal” operations.

Mark Kenny, Teamwork Keynote Speaker, Strategic Teambuilder

If you’re a leader, you have a challenge in front of you.  And it’s not just dealing with the obvious disruptions in the world, as if that were not enough.  It’s this: if you don’t have strong teams without the typical distractions, politics, competing priorities, fuzzy commitment, and average morale, it doesn’t matter what strategy, steps, or actions you take in these next few weeks.  This has always been true and never more so than right now.

So the question is, how do you quickly build a culture of strong teams that will help us to survive and especially to thrive in these next 6-12 months?

The good news is that it’s easier than you think.  I’ve personally worked with hundreds of teams over the past 10+ years and I’ve personally led and worked on a number of teams.  I’ve seen and studied what works and what doesn’t.  What I have learned is that developing a few key behaviors – with courage – builds the strength in teams that drives success and fulfillment.  It’s not easy, but it’s simple.  I have also learned that most leaders desire this but don’t have a good road-map.  I give them the road-map.

This is my passion.  Let’s empower your leaders to build strength in their teams so that your organization thrives and your people “leave” work each day energized and fulfilled.

Let’s talk.

Delivery Methods

Mark delivers keynotes and workshops in three different delivery methods:


A professional live or recorded presentation delivered to your virtual audience.


Highly Interactive Techniques


Reliable Quality


Integrated Learning Map


Experienced Virtual Presenter


A live presentation delivered in front of your in-person audience AND your virtual audience at the same time.


Highly Interactive Techniques


Integrated Learning Map


Integrated Engagement Methods for Dual Audiences


A traditional, live keynote performance, in person, in front of your audience.


Audience Participation


Integrated Learning Map


Highly Experienced Presenter

Delivery Formats

While Mark customizes his presentations to your needs, he generally delivers them in one of four formats.

Interactive Presentation

A typical presentation-style format where Mark presents content and creates audience participation around the content.

Team Application

A dual-purpose experience where Mark presents a model and facilitates breakouts for participants to immediately implement the model in their own teams.

Informal Adaptation

A more informal session in the style of a Q&A session, podcast, or panel facilitation.


A more in depth training workshop, such as a pre-conference workshop, for participants to learn, discover, and apply the content.

5 Step Process

Mark leverages a five step process to maximize impact before, during, and after the presentation.



Discussions and interviews to understand the current circumstances and desired outcomes.

Live Event

The actual live event experience (virtual, in-person, or hybrid).



Debrief the presentation; identify participant questions and challenges.


Post Event

Video to respond to and answer questions; “Next Steps” PDF Resource.

Continued Learning

Weekly question, activity, or contest for team members to deepen the learning and implementation of the presentation.

Why Mark?

Teamwork Keynote Speaker, Strategic Teamwork Advisor, Basketball Enthusiast, Aviation Nut, Lifelong Green Bay Packers Fan

Mark’s fun, interactive approach creates an impactful, memorable experience.  Mark is known for his gifted storytelling, relevant content, and involving the audience in his presentations.  He is accredited in Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team program and is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.  Mark is the perfect keynote when you need your audience to both receive and remember practical tools to build strong teams that win together.

Watch Mark in Action

“Eye opening, meaningful, thought-provoking”

“So energetic, so impactful!”

“Interesting, unique, and effective”

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How to Become a Team with Minimal Politics, High Morale, and Winning Results.


Teams are the building blocks of organizations and the key for your organization to come back stronger.  Building strong teams that work together both within and across divisions and departments is essential.  In this highly interactive program, Mark takes lessons from playing and coaching basketball and integrates them with the keys to building a cohesive team with minimal politics, high morale, and winning results.  Your leaders will walk away with the mantra to “pass the ball” and will be challenged with specific behaviors, practices, and takeaways to immediately implement in their own teams.


  • Explain what is means to “pass the ball.”
  • Identify the three ingredients every person needs to “pass the ball.”
  • Discuss the #1 reason why organizations don’t “pass the ball.”
  • Demonstrate the impact of “passing the ball” on the organization’s results.
  • Learn how to implement leadership behaviors to make it happen.
  • Build vulnerability-based trust in their team.
  • Instill passionate debate to find the best solution and ideas.
  • Obtain commitment from team members, even when they did not initially agree with the outcome.
  • Create an environment of mutual accountability.
  • Focus on the results that matter the most, instead of spending time and energy on “distractions.”
  • Leave with a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

“Mark provided an unparalleled experience for my team to break down barriers.”

Nathan Estes, HealthTrust Purchasing Group



How to Build a Traditional or Virtual Team That is Stronger Than Ever.


Everyone wants to work on a great team that both gets more done with fewer distractions and a feeling that they belong.  We call it #HippoStrong.  For leaders, it is tremendously satisfying to lead a team that is strong.  But many leaders have trouble building a strong team because they are pulled in so many different directions or they don’t have the right roadmap.  In this fun, interactive presentation, Mark gives your leaders the roadmap to build a team that is #HippoStrong.  Your leaders will be challenged to courageously implement new behaviors in their team and empowered with specific, quick activities.


  • Explain what is means to be #HippoStrong.
  • Identify the core behaviors that develop strength in the team.
  • Discuss the #1 reason that holds leaders back.
  • Demonstrate activities that leaders can use to develop a #HippoStrong team.

“We brought in Mark and The Hippo show for an offsite meeting of all the hospital’s directors and leaders.  I was thrilled with the results.  Everyone walked away with specific actions to take, as indicated in the many positive comments.  I highly recommend bringing in Mark and his team if you want to have an interactive experience with impact.”

Scott Buchanan, Williamson Medical Center



The Three Ingredients to Be a Great Teammate


Building a strong team isn’t just the responsibility of the leader.  It is the responsibility of every member of the team.  This interactive presentation gives participants a framework to understand what it means to be a great teammate.  No matter what type of team you are working on – traditional, cross-functional, target team, etc. – you will be challenged to evaluate yourself and take things to another level as a teammate.


  • Demonstrate how each team member contributes to a #HippoStrong team.
  • Identify the three key ingredients of a great teammate.
  • Discuss the #1 ingredient each participant can work on.
  • Create a development plan for each participant.

“Our Hippo experience exceeded our expectations. It challenged us…and we learned something about ourselves.”

Rhonda Marse, Mars Petcare


Build Strong Teams that WinTogether

Start building a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and information sharing.

35+ Methods to Build Strength in Your Team

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