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Meet Mark

Nice to meet you!

Mark is a teamwork keynote speaker and strategic teamwork advisor who works with leaders to build strong teams that win together.   His fun, interactive approach keeps leaders engaged and his message forces leaders to get to the heart of their teamwork issues.

Leaders who leverage Mark’s approach create an environment where business units share information instead of operating in silos and teams know how to work together instead of wasting time on rifts and people issues.

Mark began his career in IT, after which he started his own software company.  During this time, Mark personally worked with over 100 companies including Xerox, Kia Motors, Siemens, Fiserv, Ohio State University, and the US Army.

Mark now conducts programs on teamwork and leadership, leveraging his multi-industry experience as a team leader, team member, company leader, and consultant.  He understands the issues surrounding teamwork from both the leadership and front-line perspectives.

Mark has conducted well over 100 teamwork and leadership programs for thousands of leaders.  He is certified in Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors program and is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. 

On a Personal Note


Mark has been involved in the Association for Talent Development and currently serves as the President of the Nashville chapter.


Having grown up in Wisconsin, Mark is a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan. Go Pack Go!


Mark loves playing basketball, currently coaches basketball, and frequently includes basketball references and stories in his keynotes.


Mark is a licensed pilot and while he has not flown in years, he once considered aviation as a career.

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