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“The folks at Hippo are diligent about responding to our requests, asking probing questions to clarify, and providing options and solutions.”

– Laura Herbst, Fiserv

Our strategic consulting solutions are fast and practical.  This is not a team building program or fluffy retreat. This is about leveraging our expertise to create a culture of teamwork that gets to the real issues quickly and effectively so that your entire team – your entire organization – works together to fulfill a value proposition of delivering better service in less time at lower cost.

Our Models

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Model

We leverage the best individual teamwork model on the market to build a culture of teamwork in your leadership team and throughout your organization.  Based on Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and industry leading assessments this model has improved the teamwork and transformed the performance of thousands of organizations.

Strategic Teamwork Model

Our strategic teamwork model looks at your operations holistically and focuses on what it takes for functions and business units to work together.  This simple, effective model evaluates key elements such as congruence of rewards and collective direction, clarity of what’s really important, and compatibility of division agendas with the organization’s overall agenda.

Success Stories

Learn how other organizations have leveraged these models to build cultures of teamwork.

Strategic Consulting Offerings


Create a cohesive, fully aligned leadership team.

Your leadership team is ground zero for building a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and information sharing across every leader, function, and division.  Even small cracks or rifts in the leadership team create large fissures farther down the organization.  We facilitate a one day Strategic Work Session to create cohesion and alignment in your leadership team as well as a strategy for how it will operate going forward.  This practical working session is partially based on the five behaviors model presented in Patrick Lencioni’s groundbreaking book The Five Dysfunctions of a Cohesive Team.


This session includes the following components:

  • An online team assessment to identify what the team is doing well and what specifically it needs to improve to become a more cohesive, aligned team.
  • A personalized handout for each team member that summarizes the results of the online assessment and provides information on The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.
  • Discussions and activities for the team to work through how it operates now and how it wants to operate going forward.
  • A proven model based on Patrick Lencioni’s work, such as The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, to clarify why the team exists and how the team will operate as a cohesive unit.
  • An expert facilitator to guide the team through the Strategic Work Session process.


When leaving this session, the members of your leadership team will:

  • Know exactly what they personally need to do differently to build cohesion and alignment in the team.
  • Understand and know how to implement the five behaviors of a cohesive team: trust, conflict (passionate debate), commitment, accountability, and results.
  • Obtain an increased level of  clarity on the five key questions that drive every leadership team.
  • Walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and teamwork.


After this session, your leadership team will:

  • Increase the level of vulnerability-based trust in the team.
  • Understand how to instill passionate debate in meetings in order to find the best solution and ideas.
  • Obtain commitment even when individual members did not initially agree with the outcome.
  • Create an environment of mutual accountability.
  • Focus on the results that matter the most, instead of spending time and energy on “distractions.”
  • Walk away with a plan to create a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and information sharing in the team and across the rest of the organization.


Customized consulting services to solve thorny issues and leverage our expertise to build a culture of teamwork.

Obviously, every organization has different challenges, objectives, and needs.  We work with you to identify exactly what you need to solve problems or achieve the teamwork and collaboration objectives that you need to raise performance.



  • We see things that others cannot see.
  • We can say things in the right way, with love, that need to be said.
  • We have the experience to understand both the leadership and front-line perspectives.
  • We bring expertise in a proven model to create teamwork, collaboration, and information sharing.
  • We provide a boost to finally take your team and organization to that elusive next level.


A 6-9 month program to build a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and information sharing across every leader, function, and division.

Are you ready to just get this done and build a culture of teamwork and collaboration that takes your organization to the next level?  Our program works with you and your leaders to create the kind of teamwork and collaboration culture that your organization needs to work together to deliver better service in less time at lower cost.


  • Teamwork Culture Assessment
  • Strategic Work Session with your leadership team (includes team assessment).
  • 3 and 6 month Leadership team progress reports.
  • Individual and group coaching to solve implementation challenges and thorny issues.
  • Training for your managers to build a culture of team, collaboration, and information sharing in their own teams.
  • Train-the-trainer sessions to teach your internal staff to continue the momentum after the program.


After this program, members of your organization will:

  • Obtain a common language to work together as one team.
  • Understand the five behaviors of a cohesive team and how to implement them in teams they lead.
  • Operate as a better teammate with more confidence in every team on which they function.
  • Know what they personally need to change to be a better teammate.
  • Become more engaged because people and groups are actually working together.
  • Develop renewed sense of unity and engagement.

Build Teamwork and Better Working Relationships in Your Organization

35+ Methods to Build Strength in Your Team

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