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A Keynote Experience to Crush Organizational Silos and Build a Cohesive Team

In union there is strength.

–Aesop’s Fables


“Let me help you create an unforgettable experience to break down silos and build a cohesive team.”

As an experienced consultant, I’ve observed the impact of silo thinking on organizational performance, not to mention culture, engagement, and change capacity. I’ve also observed the power of a cohesive team that works together across organizational boundaries. That’s why we created The Hippo Show – an interactive experience to show your leaders the impact of organizational silos and more importantly how to create a cohesive team that crushes them.  Let’s work together to create an unforgettable experience for your next leadership retreat or conference.

— Mark Kenny, The Hippo Show Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Aviation Geek, Lifelong Green Bay Packers Fan

“The unique interactive format kept everyone engaged throughout the entire experience and opened up the opportunity for a new dialogue at the hospital around how we need to connect and lead differently.”

— Scott Buchanan, Williamson Medical Center

What exactly is The Hippo Show?

We’re glad you asked (but a little sad you don’t already know).  The Hippo Show immerses your participants in an experience that tightly integrates three building blocks:

Traditional Keynote Speaker

Mark provides the practical framework for the experience by delivering top leadership content around organizational silos, the behaviors of a cohesive team, and principles of organizational health.

Live “Case Study” Theater

Professional actors bring the leadership content to life.  The “characters” model strengths, challenges, and contradictions for participants to identify opportunities for personal change.  At the same time, they provide a dramatic business case study for the audience to “live” the impact of silos and apply the content – all live and on stage.  

Live Audience Interaction

Audience members interact with the “characters” and each other in Q&A and debrief segments to deepen their understanding and learn the nuances and stories behind the character’s thinking and behaviors.  In the process, they apply the leadership content to help both the “characters” in the story and each other break down the silos and build a cohesive team.

Meet Mark

Mark Kenny is the founder and Chief Hippo of Hippo Solutions and facilitates The Hippo Show experience for audiences.  After years of corporate, project management and consulting work, working with hundreds of leaders and organizations, Mark co-founded The Hippo Show.  Mark's purpose behind The Hippo Show experience is to help leaders crush the silos in their organization and build healthy, highly productive teams that achieve wild success.


Worked with hundreds of leaders over the past 15+ years.


Personal experience in over a dozen industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and government.


Founded two successful businesses: a software business and a consulting business.


Loves family, God, youth sports, basketball, the Green Bay Packers, and flying.

“This unique approach provided an unparalleled experience to break down the barriers in our organization.”

Healthtrust Purchasing Group

“I was amazed and highly impressed with the depth and personal application! Loved it.”

State of Tennessee

“Our Hippo experience exceeded our expectations. It challenged us…and we learned something about ourselves.”


Popular Keynote Topics

Mark’s popular topics, focused on building leader and organizational health to get better results.

How to Lead in a Siloed World

Let’s face it: most organizations experience the impact of silos, which means most of us have to live in a world with siloed thinking.  This topic, focused on emerging and mid-level leaders, provides practical tactics to get results, navigate silos, drive change, and still execute at a high level.

How to Build a Cohesive Leadership Team

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling leadership books, learn and implement the behaviors necessary to cultivate a cohesive leadership team – the first step in crushing silos.

How to Crush and Build Alignment

Learn the behaviors and steps to crush the silos in your organization, how to create a culture of collaboration, and how to align everyone to achieve better results.

See It In Action

Click on the following images and videos to see The Hippo Show in action.

"Mark offered an insightful perspective...and I feel it will greatly help me in my dealings, moving forward...directing the actors was fantastic!"

What We Do

Keynotes and Retreats

We deliver The Hippo Show, a live keynote experience, for conferences and leadership retreats to show leaders how to crush organizational silos, develop a cohesive leadership team, build organizational health.  It’s an unforgettable experience to gain real traction with new leaders, new initiatives, significant change, mergers, or when the status quo is no longer working.

The Hippo Solution Leadership Team Program and Consulting

We work with executives to build a cohesive leadership team, break down silos, create organizational alignment, and build organizational health.  This typically includes a team assessment, a one or two day leadership retreat, individual and group coaching, and consulting support.

The Hippo Way Training Program

We facilitate a 12 month program to train and coach the leaders in your organization to tear down the silos in their own divisions, create cohesive leadership teams, and build organizational health to achieve bigger results.  This program includes in person trainings, book studies, virtual calls, whitepapers, and group coaching.

Learn how to break down barriers and build a culture of collaboration.

Download the Performance Whitepaper


Thank you for your interest.  Let's have a conversation about creating an unforgettable experience that supports the goals of your leadership retreat or conference.   

Mark Kenny, Chief Hippo, Producer & Facilitator

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