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An Interactive Experience to Transform Your Leaders and Connect People

What Is The Hippo Show?

 The Hippo Show is a leadership case study, except live, on-stage, and interactive.  Professional actors portray “managers” and “leaders” tasked with executing initiatives and achieving performance in ‘real-life.’ Audience members interact with the characters to discover their strengths, challenges, stories, and contradictions. Audience members coach the characters to resolve the story by modeling better behaviors and creating connection.

The experience is fun and engaging while at the same time thoughtful and provocative. Your managers will discover how to transform their own leadership and create cultures of connection.

Is This You?


You want to transform how your managers think about leadership that goes way beyond book knowledge.


You want to create a culture where everyone is connected that translates into better performance.


You want people to enjoy and respect their leaders instead of tolerating them.


You want a unified focus instead of competing agendas and silo mentalities.


You want to bring leadership principles to life in a way your leaders will never forget.

"The approach provided an unparalleled experience to break down barriers."

Healthtrust Purchasing Group

"I was amazed and highly impressed with the depth and personal application! Loved it."

State of Tennessee

"The professional actors and the coaching of the actors was so impactful."

Tennessee Healthcare Association

About the Experience

The Hippo Show is like a business case study, except it's live and on-stage.  Professional actors portray "leaders" tasked with leading and executing in 'real-life', along with the strengths, challenges, and contradictions prevalent in all of us.  Audience members coach the characters to work together through challenges and successfully resolve the story.

Organic Scenes
Life-Like Characters
Character Q&A's and Audience Coaching
Participant Reflection and Interaction
Leadership Content and Tools

How It Works

We leverage a simple, proven process so that you get the most impact from your meeting.

1 Scripting

We walk through a 7 point breakdown to learn about your direction, business, and culture.  We incorporate what we learned into a case study script and advise how to integrate the experience into your meeting agenda.

2 Delivery

We deliver The Hippo Show at your meeting, engaging every one of your team members in an immersive experience customized to your goals and direction.

3 Recommendations

We provide you with specific recommendations and steps to sustain and grow the momentum from the meeting experience.  This includes follow-ups to help you implement the recommendations.

See It In Action

Click on the following images and videos to see The Hippo Show in action.

The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Down Silos

We curated the best sources from around the web to assemble this single center of truth for leaders who want to transform their organization to a culture of collaboration, connection, and alignment.

Meet Mark Kenny

Mark Kenny is the founder and Chief Hippo of Hippo Solutions and facilitates The Hippo Show.  After years of project management and consulting work, Mark co-founded The Hippo Show to help leaders create vibrant, collaborative environments.

When you hire Mark to facilitate The Hippo Show, your leaders will leave inspired and motivated to lead well.


Worked with hundreds of leaders for over 20 years.


Leader and founder of two businesses.


Loves family, God, youth sports, basketball, and flying.

Some of Our Amazing Clients

"Mark offered an insightful perspective...and I feel it will greatly help me in my dealings, moving forward...directing the actors was fantastic!"

State of Tennessee


Thank you for your interest.  Let's have a conversation about your next meeting, conference, or retreat.

Mark Kenny, Chief Hippo, Producer & Facilitator

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Silo mentalities derail initiatives and strategic directions.  This guide pulls together the best sources from around the web to address them.  Filled with over 30 actionable ideas you can use now.  Just let us know where to send your free guide.

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