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Do Your Leaders Create the Alignment, Collaboration, and Engagement Needed to Get Results?

The Hippo Show is an unforgettable live leadership experience with a simple goal: the transformation of your leaders.

 In today’s performance-driven world of fierce competition and disruption, it’s not enough to have a sound strategy or plan. You must build a leadership culture where everyone is aligned, everyone works together, and everyone is engaged.

The Hippo Show is an unforgettable live leadership experience to transform leaders to create organizational alignment. Your leaders will learn how to break down the barriers that lead to competing agendas, blame, silo thinking, slow results, disengagement, and indifference so that everyone works together to improve performance.  What would happen if everyone in your organization was inspired, fulfilled, engaged, and performing at a high level?

The Goal


Leaders lead across silos instead of exclusively within them.


Departments work in collaboration instead of on competing agendas.


Everyone is engaged around a common purpose instead of confused about how they contribute.


Leaders make every team member feel valued, connected, and engaged instead of disillusioned, disconnected, and indifferent.


Employees experience a consistent cultural experience across departments and locations instead of too frequent cultural wastelands.

About the Experience

The Hippo Show is unlike anything you’re participants have experienced before.  Most keynotes deliver information.  The Hippo Show delivers an experience.  Professional actors portray “team members” navigating the complexities of everyday leadership in a real-to-life “case study” – all live and on stage.  Participants explore the strengths, challenges, and contradictions modeled in the “team members” and prevalent in all of us.  They eventually coach the “team members” on stage to apply the content.  Throughout the experience, participants are challenged to explore and transform their own leadership thinking and behaviors.

Organic Scenes lay out “everyday” leadership challenges
“Team Members” portray leadership mindsets and behaviors
Participants interact with “Team Members” through Q&A and coaching segments
Participants reflect and interact with one another.
Our speaker / facilitator delivers fundamental leadership content and tools

Learn how to break down barriers and build a culture of collaboration.

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“This unique approach provided an unparalleled experience to break down the barriers in our organization.”

Healthtrust Purchasing Group

The unique interactive format kept everyone engaged throughout the entire experience and opened up the opportunity for a new dialogue at the hospital around how we need to connect and lead differently.

Williamson Medical Center

“Our Hippo experience exceeded our expectations. It challenged us…and we learned something about ourselves.”


“Mark offered an insightful perspective…and I feel it will greatly help me in my dealings, moving forward…directing the actors was fantastic!”

“I loved that Mark was so energetic. He didn’t just ‘talk.’I also loved that he involved the actors. I had never experienced this.”

“I was amazed and highly impressed with the depth and personal application! Loved it.”

Keynote Topics

We leverage a simple, proven process so that you get the most impact from your meeting.

1 Scripting

We walk through a 7 point breakdown to learn about your direction, business, and culture.  We incorporate what we learned into a case study script and advise how to integrate the experience into your meeting agenda.

2 Delivery

We deliver The Hippo Show at your meeting, engaging every one of your team members in an immersive experience customized to your goals and direction.

3 Recommendations

We provide you with specific recommendations and steps to sustain and grow the momentum from the meeting experience.  This includes follow-ups to help you implement the recommendations.

See It In Action

Click on the following images and videos to see The Hippo Show in action.

Meet Mark

Mark Kenny is the founder and Chief Hippo of Hippo Solutions and facilitates The Hippo Show.  After years of corporate, project management and consulting work, Mark co-founded The Hippo Show to help leaders build what is often the missing ingredient to better results: organizational health.


Worked with hundreds of leaders over the past 15+ years.


Personal experience in over a dozen industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and government.


Founded two businesses: a software business and a consulting business.


Loves family, God, youth sports, basketball, the Green Bay Packers, and flying.

"Mark offered an insightful perspective...and I feel it will greatly help me in my dealings, moving forward...directing the actors was fantastic!"


Thank you for your interest.  Let's have a conversation about the goals for your event.   

Mark Kenny, Chief Hippo, Producer & Facilitator

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