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Introducing The Hippo Show™ – an interactive experience to make change happen at your leadership meeting, retreat, or conference.

“I was amazed and highly impressed with the depth and personal application! Loved it.” State of Tennessee

“Mark’s approach provided an unparalleled experience to break down barriers.” Healthtrust Purchasing Group

“The professional actors and the coaching of the actors was so impactful.” Tennessee Healthcare Association

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Change is everywhere and most leaders and managers are struggling to keep up.  From our background in hundreds of project implementations, we know that your leaders and managers are the key to driving and sustaining the change outcomes you need.  We spent years developing The Hippo Show, a world-class experience to energize and equip your leaders and managers.  We want to help determine if The Hippo Show is the right tool for your change context.

Mark Kenny, Chief Hippo, Speaker, Facilitator

What Makes The Hippo Show Resonate?

A traditional keynote or leadership event integrated with interactive business theatre creates an effective catalyst for change.

Live Professional Actors on Stage

provide depth, realism, and impact through an unfolding, relatable story.

Innovative Case Study Format

promotes interaction, introspection, and behavior change.

Expert Facilitation and Content

integrates 15+ years of lessons to drive personal and organizational change.

When does The Hippo Show make sense?


People are struggling to keep up with change.
There is a lack of energy around your change initiatives.
Your change initiatives are critical to your personal and organizational success.
You need the status quo to change.
You need people to work together across teams and divisions.

About the Experience

The Hippo Show is a live experience where professional actors model a “real” story reflective of our constant change.  Life-like ‘dramas’ and characters organically portray, without judgment, the unique strengths, challenges, and contradictions prevalent in all of us. It’s a touchstone experience with instant impact.

Life-Like Scenes and Characters
Character Q&A's
Participant Reflection and Interaction
Integrated Leadership Content

Just A Few Of Our Amazing Clients

Best Uses

The Hippo Show format is utilized in a variety of formats and contexts to be a catalyst for change and add interactivity, impact, and punch when you need it to count.

Leadership Meetings

The Hippo show is perfect for annual leadership meetings to get people to drive new initiatives or important change.


Smaller, more intimate retreats create an opportunity to add the depth of The Hippo Show with the option for participants to process the experience and facilitate action.


The Hippo Show is a great way to add interactivity to your keynotes and conference to impact multiple generations of attendees.

Leadership Simulations

Leverage The Hippo Show format as the basis for a vigorous simulation to extend your existing leadership development program and deepen results.

What Change Could You Drive At Your Event?

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