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An Interactive Leadership Experience to Break Down Silos and Cultivate Collaboration

An Interactive Experience for Your Next Leadership Meeting or Conference

We specialize in helping business leaders frustrated by a lack of interaction, connection, and alignment between people and groups.  We’ve created an interactive non-threatening experience to break down silos, pull teams together, and cultivate healthy collaboration.

Is This You?


Information, ideas, and solutions are not shared or created collaboratively.


There is an underlying us vs. them mentality between groups and levels.


Groups seemingly care more about their own performance, goals, and vision, than that of the organization as a whole.


It's difficult to permeate new strategic objectives or initiatives throughout the organization.

“Mark’s approach provided an unparalleled experience to break down barriers.” Healthtrust Purchasing Group

“I was amazed and highly impressed with the depth and personal application! Loved it.” State of Tennessee

“The professional actors and the coaching of the actors was so impactful.” Tennessee Healthcare Association

About the Experience

The Hippo Show is a live case study experience where professional actors model a story reflective of the real-life challenges of getting everyone to work together.  Life-like ‘dramas’ and characters organically portray, without judgment, the unique strengths, challenges, and contradictions prevalent in all of us. Our professional facilitator weaves together methods and tools to “solve” the situation.  It’s a touchstone, non-threatening experience with instant impact to how your teams work together.

Life-Like Scenes and Characters
Character Q&A's and Coaching
Participant Reflection and Interaction
Integrated Process and Tools

See It In Action

Click on the following images and videos to see The Hippo Show in action.

The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Down Silos

We curated the best sources from around the web to assemble this single center of truth for leaders who want to transform their organization to a culture of collaboration, connection, and alignment.

Meet Mark Kenny

Mark Kenny is the founder and Chief Hippo of Hippo Solutions and facilitates The Hippo Show.  After years of consulting work, Mark developed a passion for creating healthy, collaborative environments for teams and helping leaders find their place in the world.

When you hire Mark to facilitate The Hippo Show, your leaders will leave inspired to change and experience a leadership meeting they will never forget.


Worked with hundreds of leaders for over 20 years.


Leader and founder of two businesses.


Loves family, God, youth sports, basketball, and flying.


Some of Our Amazing Clients

“Mark offered an insightful perspective…and I feel it will greatly help me in my dealings, moving forward…directing the actors was fantastic!” State of Tennessee


Thank you for your interest.  Let’s have a conversation about your goals and desires for your leadership meeting or conference.

Mark Kenny, Chief Hippo, Producer & Facilitator

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