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The Hippo Process
Key Success Principles
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The Hippo Process is a proven, step-by-step process that increases outcomes by aligning your workgroup around critical values.  It guides you every step of the way.

With The Hippo Process, you get a series of video case studies to engage your workgroup.  You also get a quarterly digital diagnostic, a facilitation guide, access to a private forum with expert coaches, private Q&A webinars, and weekly expert tips.

It’s all easy to digest, simple to use, and designed to fit into the natural rhythm of your workgroup.

Hippo Video Case Study

The Hippo Process Is Best For Workgroups Who:

  • Desire to continuously improve.
  • Have a problem that needs to be solved.
  • Must adapt to changing conditions.
  • Are newly formed and must forge an identity and values quickly.
  • Are part of an overall cultural improvement initiative.
  • Or Must align around a new or refined strategic direction.


Key Success Principles

Interactive Case Study ParticipantThe Hippo Process is centered around these key success principles:

  • The process should fit into your workgroup’s natural rhythm – workgroups today are too busy for extra meetings.
  • The process should be data-driven – measuring how your workgroup is embracing critical values over time.
  • Everyone must feel like their voice is heard – this is a crucial missing element in workgroups today.
  • Workgroups need to be given freedom to co-create their own future – it’s the only way to get true commitment.
  • The process should create an experience to facilitate self-discovery – telling them no longer works.
  • It must engage multiple senses – all generations need to be stimulated and involved.


How to Start the Process with your Workgroup

The Hippo Process: How to Get Started

  1. Anyone get start a free diagnostic of your workgroup
  2. Receive critical insight about your workgroup
  3. Engage your Workgroup with The Hippo Process
  4. Improve the Values and Effectiveness of your Workgroup


Want to learn about a process customized to your organizations business and culture?  Click here

How Do I Learn More?

Download the Hippo Process Blueprint document for insight into how the process helps you track and instill critical values in your workgroup.

Or Contact Us directly to have a conversation.


How Much Does it Cost?

  • The Hippo Process is only $197 per month or $1,470 per year for a group of 2-10 people.
  • Add additional people for $16 per person per month or $118 per person per year.



  • Can I choose the value that I want to track and instill in my workgroup?   Yes, the process enables you to track and instill any critical value.
  • How long does the process take? Typically, it takes 6-8 months for a workgroup to move past common barriers and embrace the values as part of its own culture.
  • What if I am not in a leadership position? Anyone who wants to improve their workgroup can start the process.
  • What is the diagnostic? An online rating system to measure the perception of a critical value; confidential; includes non-attributable comments for analysis.
  • What is a workgroup? A group of at least 2 people that are working together; a business team; a board; a non-profit group; a leadership team; a church team; or any other setting where people are working together.
  • Can I facilitate the process myself or do I need a Hippo facilitator? The process is designed to be self-facilitated.  You have the option of hiring a Hippo-certified facilitator if you so choose.
  • What if I have multiple workgroups? The process can be used with multiple workgroups as is.  Or it can be customized to your business and culture.
  • Can the process be customized? Yes, the process can be customized to your organization’s business and cultural nuances.

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