The Hippo Process for Organizations

Looking for something that is customized or more focused to your organization’s vision and challenges?

The Hippo Process can be adapted in the following ways:

  • Customizing The Hippo Process to your unique business and culture, including conducting live interactive case studies.
  • Modeling The Hippo Process with your Leadership Team, followed by a customized process replicated to your workgroups.
  • Managing the rollout of The Hippo Process to your workgroups.

Live Interactive Case Study

How to Start the Process

  1. Schedule a Discovery Session below
  2. Start a diagnostic of your target workgroup(s)
  3. Receive insight and recommendations
  4. Engage your leadership team with The Hippo Process
  5. Improve the Values and Success of your Leadership Team
  6. Self-facilitate The Hippo Process with individual workgroups

A Discovery Session is a FREE 30-60 minute in-person or online meeting for mutual discovery.  We’ll have questions about your vision, values, and challenges.  And we’ll answer your questions about the process and your options.


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