The Hippo Factor: Becoming a Leader that Over-Delivers – Live!

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The Hippo Factor: Becoming a Leader that Over-Delivers  – Live!

Today’s leaders are under enormous pressure.  Many feel squeezed between high performance expectations, meeting the needs of their team, delivering to the customer, and trying to create a life for themselves.  This interactive session takes an honest look at the life of today’s busy, overworked leader and provides simple, everyday strategies to get results while being a leader that people enjoy working for.

The Format:

Imagine coaching one of your leaders live right in front of your audience.  A leader dealing with the mandate to up their team’s game while feeling overwhelmed by busyness, expectations, and distractions.  We take specific information about your business and industry, and present a ‘real-to-life’ leader encountering the pressure to perform in a ‘real-to-life’ situation and team, right on stage.  Most importantly, we’ll open the session up for questions and coaching from the audience directly to the leader on stage.  Your audience will be able to ask them virtually any questions, and give them coaching advice.  During the process, your audience will discover the changes they need to make personally to take their leadership to the next level.

Based on insights from the new book by Mark Kenny to be released this summer, this session reveals the ingredients and everyday strategies that today’s top performing leaders use to get results in work and life and become leaders that people enjoy working for.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • Discover the three ingredients that busy, overworked leaders need to add to their leadership mix.
  • Understand how to discover and leverage the hippo that needs to be awakened in every leader.
  • Learn the four strategies to become a next level leader that keeps and attracts your top talent.
  • Create an action plan for sustainable behavior change to leverage in your own leadership journey.