Develop Your People

We deliver a highly-rated live case study experience to help your leaders create a culture that over-delivers to your customers every time.

Our interactive experience helps you develop leaders in your organization who:

Cultivate the Right Culture

We help your leaders create a culture where people do their best work.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

We help people in your organization become leaders that people enjoy working for.

Develop a Customer Focus

We teach your leaders how to create a relentless customer focus to over-deliver every time.

The Experience

Clients that integrate our participatory approach get better results from their leaders.  Our approach has taken years to learn and perfect.  It leverages a distinctive interactive case study format that places your leaders at the center of an unfolding story and invites them to guide the characters in the story to a better resolution.  The result is a highly interactive experience where your leaders don't just acquire insights.  They are challenged to apply those in both the case study and their own unfolding story.  The experience includes:



Life-Like Scenes

Live professional actors portray scenes that reflect the challenges in everyday leadership, business, and culture.


Participants ask candid questions of characters to gain a more nuanced understanding of the character outside the sometimes political context of team meetings. Characters reveal mindsets, concerns, desires, biases, doubts, fears, and other realities.

Character Coaching

Participants coach characters to more positive behaviors and choices to find solutions - after which the actors spontaneously enact the suggestions of the participants. This creates an unscripted yet structured experience, just like our everyday interactions in ‘real life.’

Participant Interaction

Participants also engage in the experience through various discussion formats (i.e. at tables) to share observations, insights, and application.


One of our professional facilitators guides the experience and expertly weaves together the interaction, leadership content, and your own message for a cohesive, impactful experience.

Leadership Content

High-impact leadership content is weaved into the experience to provide the tools, context, and framework to apply the case study experience.



The actors and coaching the actors was so impactful.

Tennessee Healthcare Association

The experience exceeded our expectations. It challenged us…and we learned something about ourselves.


I was amazed and highly impressed with the depth and personal application! Loved it.

State of Tennessee

Mark’s approach provided an unparalleled experience to break down barriers.

Healthtrust Purchasing Group

Video Clips

Are you wondering what an interactive case study format with actors looks like?  Here are some sample clips.  This format can be leveraged in a variety of settings from smaller leadership retreats to large conferences.

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