Get Better Information, Faster

A fully customizable software platform to make it efficient for your team to track the status of every project, initiative, and expenditure.

Every Project, Every Initiative, Every Expenditure

Teams cannot operate efficiently with inefficient systems.  HippoHub is a software reporting platform to easily track the progress of every project, initiative, and expenditure.  HippoHub typically demonstrates a significant ROI by eliminating duplicate and contradictory sources of information, increasing the efficiency of communication, reducing wasted time spent in meetings, and helping leaders quickly make decisions about what needs to happen next.

What Are Inefficient Systems Costing You?

Leaders can’t lead effectively and teams can't be amazing when real-time information about initiatives, projects, and expenditures is scattered and difficult to share. The cost in terms of labor-intensive status reporting and ill-informed decisions is huge.  The problem is that your choice is often between program management tools that are too costly and complicated to implement, collaboration tools that lack sophisticated reporting, and spreadsheets which are labor-intensive and inefficient.

Paper Stack

What HippoHub Offers

The HippoHub platform solves this dilemma by providing a central tool that is implemented in minutes, simple to use, and focused on the sophisticated status reporting needs of leaders.


Implement in Minutes
Single Source of Information for Everyone
Unlimited Custom Reports
Maintain Accountability of Individual and Group Actions
Custom Metrics
See What Change Is Occurring
Run Weekly Meetings More Effectively By Focusing On What’s Important
Make Informed Decisions Quickly



Clients and Counting


Users and Counting


Initiatives Tracked And Counting


Basic Features


HippoHub Upload Feature

Upload all of your existing projects and tasks; transfer files with vendors and customers.

Task Management

HippoHub Gantt Style Task Tracking

Utilize an easy to use, traditional task planning tool.

Email Notifications and Reminders

HippoHub Email Report

Make sure that everyone knows exactly what to work on next through automated email reminders that link to a "one-stop-shop" for updating current status.


Create unlimited dashboards to consolidate and visualize key data.

Table Reports

Create unlimited custom reports to gain near real-time visibility into the status of everything; consume reports through emails, links, dashboards, and APIs.

Statistical Reports

HippoHub Matrix Report Screenshot

Create and leverage statistical, matrix style reports on data such as hours and costs.

Track and Share Project Documents

HippoHub Document Tracki

Manage the documents associated with your project, including document versions, or integrate with another document repository.

Notes and Other Metadata

HippoHub Notes Feature

Utilize notes and other fields to ease the communication of important information;  customize by creating your own fields and objects to adopt the platform to your own business processes

Advanced Features

Time Tracking

HippoHub Time Tracking Feature

Manage the documents associated with your project, including document versions, or integrate with another document repository.

Resource Management

HippoHub Resource Allocation Chart

Track and discover resource utilization issues before they affect customer delivery.

Cost Tracking

HippoHub Cost Tracking

Track the costs associated with customer delivery projects and initiatives including: expenses, line item costs, estimated and actual resource costs based on hourly rates.

Issue Tracking

Track the issues that threaten successful customer delivery for a comprehensive view of status and problem areas.

Workflow Engine

Create workflows to automatically generate project status updates, inform the next person in your process, and produce real-time notifications.


API Integration

HippoHub API Guide Screenshot

Integrate your HippoHub data with your other data systems, and vice versa, for a streamlined data flow.

Schedule a Demo

Schedule a free 15-30 minute demo.  All demo participants receive a free 14 day trial of the HippoHub Platform.  Why do we require a demo?  Due to the customizable nature of the system, a one-size fits all trial doesn't serve anyone well.  Therefore, we take the demo to show you how to customize the system to meet your reporting needs.  This saves our clients an enormous amount of time in their evaluation process.