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The online course for every leader to increase retention on their team.

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Is turnover creating unnecessary stress and negatively affecting performance?  Do you find it difficult to attract quality workers?

This is normal.  But it doesn’t have to be…

Take the Challenge

Take the 30 day retention challenge.  This easy to implement online course provides every leader with the knowledge, steps, activities, and actions to increase retention on their team.  Our 50+ years of combined experience has generated hard-learned lessons on what it takes to increase retention, attract quality workers, and revolutionize the employee experience.  We have integrated those lessons into an easy to implement course that any leader can use to improve retention on their team.  If you want to facilitate change in any of your teams, make it happen now with this groundbreaking tool.

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What You'll Learn

Here's what you'll learn through this experience as you engage team to increase retention and performance:

  1. The 3 shifts that every leader must make to increase retention.
  2. Activities and exercises to create meaningful dialogue with your team.
  3. The key mindset you need to adopt as a leader to change retention.
  4. Three tools that you can add to your leadership toolbox.
  5. What is really motivating the people on your team.
  6. How to discover the causes of poor retention and performance.
  7. How to facilitate an impactful dialogue with your group.
  8. How to get your group to change themselves.
  9. How to sustain the momentum you have built.

What Is It?

The 30 day retention challenge is a 7 session online course that provides a leader with the knowledge, tools, steps, and activities to increase retention on their team.  Each session includes a video for the leader and exercises to complete.  Three sessions are focused on leader development, three on team application, and one on sustaining your progress.


7 Session Course

7 sessions that includes 3 sessions for leader development, 3 sessions for team application, and 1 session for sustaining your progress.

Online Videos

35 minutes of video content is provided for the leader.  Each session includes a 3-7 minute video to introduce knowledge and steps for the leader in each session.

Downloadable Facilitator's Guide

A 30 page facilitator's guide packed with steps, instructions, activities, exercises, and reminders.  It contains everything you need to take the challenge and facilitate change in your team.

Leader Development Content

The challenge includes 5 hours of content and exercises for leader development.

BONUS Video Case Study

You'll gain access to a short bonus video case study that utilizes professional actors to portray a real-life situation on a fictitious team.  Combined with instructions on how to facilitate this with your team, this unique tool provides an interactive 1-2 hour format to generate important dialogue for your team.

Team Application Content

The challenge includes 5-7 hours of content and exercises for team application.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, obtain a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

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For only $197 per leader, take action now to improve retention.  Get immediate access to the online course.