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Programs and Services

How We Help Your Leaders and Managers Get the Data and People They Need to Drive Change and Run an Efficient Operation

Flagship Programs

Built on 15+ years partnering with leaders like you to drive change.

The Hippo Show

Energize your leaders and managers to lead change through this one-of-a-kind experience.

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The Hippo Hub

Get meaningful data you can trust to lower costs, improve efficiency, and drive change.

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Individual Products and Services

We help leaders and managers trust their data and energize their people to drive change.  Here are a few of the ways we do it:

Leadership Workshops
Interactive, innovative leadership workshops based on The Hippo Show to build leadership competencies.
The 30 Day Retention Challenge

An online course to for your leaders and managers to keep their best people.

Leadership Simulations

Experiential, vigorous, real-to-life simulations to quickly grow the leadership skills of your leaders and managers.

We provide an expert facilitator for a variety of meeting formats where outside facilitation is helpful and necessary.
Group and individual coaching to guide managers in implementing our principles.
Communications Strategy
We provide background information on your people’s needs, wants, beliefs, and readiness for change in order to develop an effective data-driven communications strategy.
Process Mapping

Giving your leaders and managers a new perspective by mapping out processes for visualization and change.

Workflow Assessment

A quantitative and qualitative assessment of a group’s systems, tools, and people with the goal of driving change.

IT and Operations Alignment

Facilitating the all-too-common gap between IT and operations, to drive the necessary alignment, relationships, and change.

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The folks at Hippo are diligent about responding to our requests, asking probing questions to clarify, and providing options and solutions.

– Laura Herbst, Fiserv

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