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Reducing Fear, Uniting Workgroups

Too often we live through the lens of fear even without realizing it.  Our lives seem disjointed and our workgroups are fragmented with their own agendas and underlying assumptions.  Mark’s fun, innovative, and engaging presentations use an innovative case study approach that integrates a real-life video case, audience interactions, impactful life stories, and insightful research.  He takes audiences on a pioneering 3-step process to reduce fear with faith and hope, and increase their personal and business outcomes.


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Mark has spoken and worked with a variety of organizations including Vanderbilt University, MPI, Mars, the State of Tennessee government, Deloitte, Ohio State University, ATD, SHRM, Asurion, HealthTrust Purchasing Group, HCA, WIFS, Parallon, and PMI.

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Mark’s innovative case study approach includes real-life videos that launch deeper dialogue, insight, and application for the audience.  The following is a short video snippet to give you a taste:


About Mark


Mark KennyMark has worked for over 20 years as a business owner, manager, technologist, and consultant with the government, non-profit, education, manufacturing, engineering, publishing, healthcare, technology, and transportation industries.  Since 2011, Mark has turned his attention to addressing the epidemic of fragmented, dysfunctional workgroups.  He is becoming a go-to expert on the impact of unstated fears on business outcomes and has developed a unique interactive case study format for workgroups to reduce and harness them.

Mark has started two businesses, earned his pilot’s license, and loves playing basketball.  He is a member of the National Speakers Association, a non-profit board member, a husband, a father of four kids, a youth sports coach, and a lover of all things ice cream.


Most Popular Keynote Topic

Swimming with the Hippos: How to reduce unseen fears and unite fragmented workgroups

What would be different if your organization worked as a cohesive team instead of fragmented workgroups, each with different agendas, assumptions, and fears?  How would it feel if your own workgroup was so cohesive that it outperformed the highest expectations…and everyone enjoyed it?  Impossible?  Not when you learn to apply Mark’s three step process to reduce unseen fears and create extraordinary outcomes…together.

In this fun, collaborative, session you will:

  • Understand how underlying assumptions and unseen fears are killing collaboration today, driving fragmentation, blocking innovation, and building barriers to change.
  • Recognize why many change initiatives fail to produce long-term, impactful results.
  • Identify the five unseen fears hidden in every workgroup.
  • Participate in a three step process to move yourself from fear to faith and hope.
  • Create a plan to use the process in your own workgroups.

Uniting fragmented workgroups is simple: you just have to learn to “swim with the Hippos!”

Note: this session includes a pre-session diagnostic and post-session tool to enhance learning implementation.

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