Map Your Journey: A Digital Assessment

Take a simple group assessment to begin your journey beyond the hippos.  Results within 72 hours.

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Leadership meetings and events provide a prime opportunity to Discover, Create, and Sustain organizational change. Our interactive case study format utilizes professional actors to deliver a world class experience that models change in your organization.


Most leadership meetings or events don’t deliver sustainable results. Too often they become an “advertisement” for desired change but don't address the natural doubts, concerns, beliefs, biases, and cultural realities that create barriers to change.

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Hippo’s Interactive Case Study is an immersive experience customized to both your business and culture. Life-like ‘dramas’ are organically conveyed to address the significant challenges to organizational change. All characters in the case study reflect, without judgment, the unique strengths, challenges, blind spots, and contradictions prevalent in your organization. This creates a touchstone experience that:

  • Creates a significantly greater awareness of myself and others.
  • Reveals potential barriers to change through a fun, safe self-discovery process.
  • Crafts a deeper dialogue around organization change.
  • Gives participants a voice.
  • Enhances participant’s awareness of themselves, leaders, and others.
  • Provides leaders with a ‘real-life’ artifact to ‘tap into’ for the foreseeable future.
  • Generates initial and long-lasting impact.
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The interactive case study experience is typically 90-180 minutes in length, facilitated by a
professional facilitator, and includes the following interactive elements:

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Live professional actors portray scenes that reflect your organization’s business and culture.

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Participants ask candid questions of characters to gain a more nuanced understanding of the character outside the sometimes political context of team meetings. Characters reveal mindsets, concerns, desires, biases, doubts, fears, and other realities.

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Participants coach characters to more positive behaviors and choices - after which the actors spontaneously enact the suggestions of the participants. This creates an unscripted yet structured experience, just like our everyday interactions in ‘real life.’

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Participants also engage in the experience through small group discussion (i.e. at tables) to share observations, insights, and application; and pairs discussion (i.e. discussion with another person).

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The post-session solution session is a facilitated discussion for participants to digest what they just experienced, draw out insights, and co-create next steps.


The format of the session generally follows a pattern similar to the following:

  • Introductory Change Content (client)
  • Scene 1 (actors)
  • Scene 1 Debrief (facilitator + audience + small groups)
  • Scene 1 Q&As (actors + facilitator + audience)
  • Scene 2 (actors)
  • Scene 2 Q&As (actors + facilitator + audience)
  • Scene 2 Debrief (facilitator + audience + pairs)
  • Scene 3 (actors)
  • Scene 3 Q&As (actors + facilitator + audience)
  • Scene 3 Debrief/Coaching (facilitator + audience + small groups)
  • Coaching (Audience + actors + facilitator)
  • Redo/New Scene (actors + audience + facilitator)
  • Break
  • Solution Session – Learning Debrief / Takeaways / Next Steps
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The Process
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Discover Challeneges and Cultures

Hippo Solutions will conduct a digital diagnostic and 5-10 confidential interviews to understand the culture and significant challenges.

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Create the customized case study

Through the discovery research, we build characters, settings, issues, and situations that are fully customized to your business and culture.

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Deliver the case study

During your leadership meeting we perform the interactive case study and embed it into your leadership meeting.

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Sustain through impact boosters

After the leadership meeting we will provide 2-3 impact boosters from the experience to deepen learning and change.

Contact us for a discovery call

(615) 219-0803