The Process

Interactive Case Study ParticipantWe facilitate the Hippo Case Study Process – an evidence-based problem solving process designed to find and solve the underlying issues that are inhibiting your organization’s speed, quality, and innovation.

The process is built around the modality of an interactive self-case study (ICS). This modality uniquely integrates internal expertise, external expertise, business theater, and data analytics to collaboratively identify the underlying issues without judgment, increase readiness for change, and produce data-driven recommendations. The bottom line: you will know what to fix and how to fix it.

The process typically involves the following three steps:

Interactive Case Study Process

During the process, we typically provide the following deliverables:

  • Interactive Case Study (ICS) sessions for participants to discover current realities.
  • Solution Sessions for participants to collaborate on potential solutions.
  • A One-Page Executive Brief that summarizes the underlying issues and recommendations.
  • An Online Insight Board (OIB) with Data Analytics for actionable data and current progress toward your business outcomes.
  • Impact Videos – integrated with the themes, characters, and lessons from the Interactive Case Study (ICS) sessions – delivered to your associates electronically to emphasize key changes, maintain momentum, and support action plans.

The Interactive Case Study Session

The Interactive Case Study (ICS) session is the anchor of the process and is typically 2-3 hours in length.  It includes the following elements:

  • Interactive Case Study SessionRealism: professional actors enact a realistic case study, customized to your organization and culture, that reflects your current realities.
  • Engagement: participants interact with the characters in the case study to learn about the underlying issues; characters articulate thoughts and beliefs that are often left unsaid.
  • Coaching: participants coach the characters to adopt new behaviors, produce ideas for solutions, and identify changes for immediate application.
  • Facilitation: an expert facilitator guides the process and the interaction between the participants and the live case study.

Additional Applications

The Case Study Process is typically applied to solve a specific organizational problem, but can also be applied in a variety of other contexts where collaboration, engagement, and problem-solving are valued.  These include:

  • Deepening the impact of a leadership retreat
  • Increasing engagement at a company meeting
  • Providing a different perspective at a sales conference
  • Engaging audiences at a conference or event session
  • Adding an experiential element to a training initiative

The Services

ATD Atlanta 1We possess the capability of providing the following services as a part of the case study process or the execution of a resulting action plan:

  • Online pulse surveys
  • Qualitative interviews and assessments
  • Interactive Case Study Sessions
  • Solution Sessions
  • Online Insight Boards (customized dashboards)
  • Video vignettes
  • Executive coaching
  • Communications coaching
  • One-on-One Interactive Case Study Sessions
  • Project management
  • Online database software
  • Third party meeting facilitation
  • Experiential training workshops