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Our “episodes” are a series of posts to apply lessons to your own organization.  They are loosely modeled after The Hippo Show and its interactive case study format.  Each series of episodes follows a story line of an organization trying to work together.  You job is to help them using a particular resource – such as The Ultimate Guide to Break Down Silos.  In the process, you and your group will be challenged to:

  • Analyze the situation in the case study organization.
  • Coach the leaders in the case study organization by applying the lessons from the resource.
  • Discover the realities of your own situation.
  • Apply the lessons to your own reality.

The best results occur when you process the case study together as a group to cultivate meaningful dialogue.

How to Use the Case Study Episodes

Note: episodes are broken up into two posts: a) the actual episode and b) a Q&A transcript with one of the team members in the story.

Step 1: Work through the actual episode – post 1

  1. Read the episode individually.
  2. Answer the questions together as a group.
  3. Decide what questions you want to ask the team members in the story and submit those to (if within 2 days of the original posting).

Step 2: Work through the Q&A – post 2

  1. Read the Q&A transcript.
  2. Answer the questions together as a group.

Step 3: Decide what happens next

Decide what should happen next and submit your coaching suggestion to – be as specific as possible.  The theme of the responses will be used to determine what happens in the next episode.

Step 4: Read the next episode when it is published


There are approximately 4-5 episodes per series.