Map Your Journey: A Digital Assessment

Take a simple group assessment to begin your journey beyond the hippos.  Results within 72 hours.


Whether you need to increase retention and engagement or dramatically improve your customer outcomes, we have worked with companies large and small to leverage the DCS Process® to go beyond their hippos.

Discovery Assessments

Our Discovery Assessment increases the successful outcomes of change initiatives by providing leaders with valid quantitative and qualitative group data. Discover what needs changing, where to focus your energy, and how to leverage the hippos in your group. Our assessment typically includes three options:

  • Quantitative assessment: an online digital 90 second pulse-style assessment.
  • Qualitative assessment: confidential interviews, narratives, and organizational research.
  • Integrated assessment: integrating quantitative and qualitative assessment for a complete picture.


Leadership is intervention.  We deliver intentional planned change of individuals and groups to support your change leadership, positively disrupt the status quo, and engage group members to co-create change.  These change interventions typically include a combination of:

  • Live, interactive case studies with professional actors and facilitators.
  • 1×1 and group coaching.
  • Facilitated, interactive “Future Sessions.”
  • Skill-based workshops.
  • Video-based curriculum for leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue with their group members.

Sustain Outcomes

Going beyond the hippos must be long-term and sustainable. We provide the framework to sustain the outcomes to which the group committed. This typically includes:

  • Technology to provide visibility and accountability to actions and initiatives.
  • Quarterly and annual outcome reviews to quantify progress and review KPI’s, performance, and business outcomes.


Our 2 hour to 2 day experiential workshops teach leaders how to go beyond their hippos to lead change.

Facilitating Change

Conducting Courageous Conversations

Conflict Management

Interpersonal Savvy