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What We Do

We empower companies to transform their results by getting everyone to row in the same direction.

Most businesses make substantial investments in creating winning business strategies and plans, then experience problems like no buy-in, competing agendas, silos, wasting time and energy on the wrong issues, confused employees, lack of accountability, and frustrating people issues.  Hippo Solutions is a consulting firm that solves these problems by removing all ambiguity, confusion, and misalignment so that everyone’s energy is 100% dedicated to achieving the vision.

What Do You Want To Do?

Build a Cohesive Team

Get everyone on your team “rowing” in the same direction without any ambiguity, confusion, distractions, or misalignment. 

Align Your Entire Company

Achieve buy-in across the organization so that everyone is focusing their energy on achieving your vision.

Book a Keynote Presentation

Bring a high impact, highly interactive keynote experience to teach your leaders how to create cohesive teams and aligned organizations.

What Does an Aligned Organization Look Like?


Every department works together towards the collective vision and goals instead of competing or prioritizing their own work.


People hold each other accountable for their part in achieving the vision.


Every single person understands why their work matters and how they fit into the company’s strategy.


100% of the time and energy is spent on topics that matter instead of wasting time on the wrong issues or revisiting the same issues over and over again.


Every employee is engaged and having fun.

“The experience opened up the opportunity for a new dialogue at the hospital around how we need to connect and lead differently.”

— Scott Buchanan, Williamson Medical Center


We leverage the following “tools” in our systems approach to creating cohesive teams, aligned organizations, and transformed results.

The Hippo Show Keynote Experience

Our live, interactive show to teach the behaviors of a cohesive team to your audience in an unforgettable format.


Instructional Workshops

Workshops to teach the behaviors of a cohesive team, alignment, communication, and critical leadership behaviors.

Leadership Team Offsite

A fast-paced, results-oriented offsite to create alignment and cohesion with your leadership team.


The Hippo Solution Program

Our comprehensive six to nine month program to transform your company and create 100% alignment.


Our project operations software to align the execution of projects and initiatives so you know who is doing what when.


Team Assessment Report

The definitive report to assess the current state and give you actionable data to build a cohesive team.


Organizational Alignment Consulting

Expert help to solve problems and implement the systems, tools, and methods to create organizational alignment.

What Would It Look Like If Your Company Were Truly Aligned?

Hippo Solutions Interactive Case Study Participant

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