Our Discover, Create, Sustain (DCS) Model uses professional actors and software to help leaders lead change.


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The Hippo Process: How to Get Started

  1. Anyone can start a free digital diagnostic with your workgroup.
  2. Receive insight and recommendations.
  3. Start The Hippo Process with your workgroup.
  4. Improve the Values and Effectiveness of your workgroup.

Our diagnostic quantifies how your workgroup is embracing a value critical to your workgroup’s success, health, and identity.  It is very quick to setup and takes only seconds for the members of your workgroup to complete.  After your workgroup completes the diagnostic, you will receive a custom report with insight, a value score, and recommendations.

Based on your custom insight, engage your workgroup with The Hippo Process focused on your critical value(s).

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The Hippo Solutions business theatre approach provided an unparalleled experience for my team to break down barriers.

Nathan Estes – HealthTrust Purchasing Group

Our Hippo experience exceeded our expectations. It challenged us…and we learned something about ourselves.

Rhonda Marse – Customer Care Director

The folks at Hippo are diligent about responding to our requests, asking probing questions to clarify, and providing options and solutions.

Laura Herbst, Ohio State University

We have experienced a tremendous benefit in our ability to communicate project information throughout the organization.

Tim Frost, VP of Operations, Burner Systems International


We have a team of experts in the Interactive Case Study process including facilitators, consultants, writers, directors, and actors.  All of them have a passion to create case studies with a high degree of impact to help your organization go deeper and achieve its desired outcomes.  Our core team includes:

Mark Kenny, Chief Hippo

Mark Kenny, Chief Hippo

Mark worked for over 20 years as a business owner, manager, technologist, and consultant in a variety of industries before turning his focus to addressing fragmented, dysfunctional workgroups.

See Mark’s Speaking Page to learn more.

Peg Allen, Senior Facilitator

Peg Allen, Senior Facilitator

Peg began her career in clinical therapy before working for over 35 years as a facilitator, communications coach, trainer, consultant, director, and professional actor.  She has appeared in a number of feature films and theatrical productions.  She is known for her ability to “sing badly really well.”

Dr. Heidi Petak, Senior Creative

Dr. Heidi Petak, Senior Creative

Heidi holds a Ph.D. in Communication.  She is a writer, director, facilitator, communications coach, author, and actor.  Heidi is a storyteller at heart, both through her writing, dramatic scripts, and prose.  She is a wife and mother of 4 wild and crazy boys, who continually provide her with a wealth of fabulous stories.

Learn more at Heidi’s speaking page.



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